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Gel Toes and Nails
Our newest product from Creative Nail Design is Shellac, a nail polish/gel hybrid that combines all the best of gel with the ease of nail polish.

Applications take thirty minutes, last up to two weeks, and remove easily, leaving no damage to the natural nail bed.

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Gel nails are the one of the most popular additions to nail enhancements. Durable yet pliable, they allow you to perform every day tasks without the worry of a painful break, chip, or crack of traditional acrylic nails.

They also contain a formula that maintains a smooth, glossy finish for the duration of the life of the nails, giving that 'just done' shine that we all love.


Gel Toes are the most popular service among clients who love the glossy look, yet don't have the time to return to the salon every two weeks to retouch their nail polish.

Gel toes come in dozens of colors, glitters, and designs for that unique look that is just right for you, and does not chip, crack, or peel for four weeks or more.

From french manicures to glittered decorations to the traditional colors from OPI and Creative, we have something for everyone!

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